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Berger, Melvin - E B
Water, Water Everywhere : A Book About the Water Cycle
Easy reader covers water's forms in nature, how we use water, how it gets to our homes, and how it is treated after use. 1999

Branley, Franklyn - E B
Down Comes the Rain
This colorful picture book introduces water concepts like vapor, condensation, and evaporation, and how rain is made. 1997

Cole, Joanna - CJ C
Magic School Bus at the Waterworks
Miss Frizzle and the Bus take the kids on a field trip through the purification system at the waterworks - as water droplets! Fun and informative picture book. 1986

Cole, Joanna - CJ C
Wet All Over : A Book About the Water Cycle
The Magic School Bus stars in another picture book showing how the water cycle works to renew and replenish the water that keeps all living things alive. 1996

Rauzon, Mark - J551.48 R194W
Water, Water Everywhere
Thoughtful celebration of water's many forms and properties, stressing that without water there is no life and we shouldn't take it for granted. 1994

Seed, Deborah - J553.7 SE32W
Water Science
Water trivia, experiments, games, and fun activities spice up a book for older readers. On the serious side, it covers water's forms, importance, uses, locations, and hazards like pollution. 1992

Seixas, Judith - J553.7 SE45W
Water - What It Is, What It Does
An excellent introduction to water's properties and uses, how people and the environment need it, and basic experiments, all in an easy-to-read format. 1987

Smith, David - J551.48 SM54W
Water Cycle
Discusses water on Earth, how the water cycle works, how water becomes polluted, and how it is cleaned up. 1993

Walker, Sally - J551.48 W154W
Water Up, Water Down : The Hydrologic Cycle
Wherever it is on Earth, water recycles itself constantly. This book for older readers tells how it does this, what forms it takes, and how it shapes our environment and existence. 1992

Wheeler, Jill - J333.91 W564W
Water We Drink
Stressing water as our most precious resource, this tells how we abuse water and gives practical ways to conserve and protect it. 1990

Wick, Walter - J553.7 W632D
Drop of Water : A Book of Science and Wonder
Extraordinary photography enhances clear explanations of the different properties and forms of water. Who knew it could be so fascinating? 1997

Selected and annotated by Laura Shomshak, Librarian, Children's Services, Tacoma Public Library 2004