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Handforth Gallery 
2015 Exhibitions

Riding the 594A word from the little people
Lynn Di Nino, Mixed media

 A Fable (curated by Lynn Di Nino)
June 7 through July 24, 2015
Handforth Gallery @ the Main Library

This exhibit encompasses two elements:
Lynn Di Nino presents vignettes of the people riding the Express Bus 594 from Tacoma to Seattle. These wall mounted three dimensional sculptures feature citizens you may or may not recognize. The figure is approximately 10" high (if standing).

Lynn also organized an exhibit inspired by the parable of the blind men and the elephant. In the fable each man cannot see the whole elephant, resulting in being only able to feel one dimension, then basing his belief of what he's 'seeing' on that limited interaction. THIS one, representing the city of Tacoma is wall-sized in low relief. The artists listed here have accepted the invitation to create a self portrait. Each 10" figure touches only their small area in order to experience their own personal Tacoma. Text accompanies each figure.

Participating artists are Becky Frehse, Marita Dingus, Claudia Riedener, Doug Mackey, John Carlton, Marta Olson, Marsha Conn, Sam Tower, Elayne Vogel, Amy Reeves, Steve LaBerge, Analee Reutlinger, Di Morgan Graves, Eddie Graves, Chocolate Chimpo, Heather Cornelius, Pam Orazem, Kathy Gore-Fuss and Loralin Toney, Karen Perrine, Ann Meersman, KaCe Whitacre, Ruby Re-Usable, Jeremy Gregory and Sharon Styer.