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Databases that do not need a Library Card

Most Library databases, for which the Library must pay a commercial vendor, require that you have a valid Tacoma Public Library card in order to use them.  This is due to the requirements of the database vendors to make sure that the subscription fee the Library pays will cover only those who have an appropriate library card.   Everyone else has to pay cash.

The Library subscribes to selected commercial databases on an annual basis.  These databases are available to the citizens of Tacoma and anyone who holds a Tacoma Public Library library card.  These databases cover a broad range of topics, such as auto repair, nutrition, US and Canadian telephone numbers, recommended reading, and the full text of articles appearing in literally thousands of magazines and newspapers.

A few databases have been created by the Library itself, and these databases DO NOT require a Library Card for you to use.   Most of these databases cover local history or local resources, and can be individually found in the Tacoma Past & Present section of the web page.  Many of these locally developed databases can also be searched all at once using our "federated searching" tools, and are available through the category called "Library Card not required".


Last Updated 17.06.2009