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Remote access from home or work is available to many valuable databases with OneSearch if you have a valid Tacoma Public Library card. 

In a Hurry?
Databases by Category 
Select from a list of general categories that match up with Library databases in OneSearch.  Click on the category name to view a list of the databases covered, and search across multiple databases, or check multiple categories to search many databases at one time, using OneSearch "federated searching", or pick a single database to search in "native interface" mode.

Alphabetical A-Z list of databases
Select from a list of Library databases with short descriptions.  Click on the title to search that database in the "native interface" mode.

Where is this Magazine title indexed?
The Library subscribes to indexing and fulltext for thousands of magazines and journals.  Search for a specific magazine or journal title and find out if and where it is indexed in one of our databases, and what years are covered in the electronic files.  Click on the database title to search that database.

Having Problems?
I'm having problems connecting
If you are not inside the Library you will need a library card to use these databases.  If you have a Library card you will be prompted to enter the number exactly as it appears on the card, and then search the database.  If the database does not accept your library card number, there are a number of things you can check to identify what is wrong.  Use this step-by-step checklist to see if you can identify your problem, whether you are inside of outside the Library. 

I don't have a Library card
Databases licensed from commercial vendors all require you to have a valid Tacoma Public Library card in order to use them, and for the Library to check that card when you try to log-in to the database.  A few databases created by the Library are available for free.

Is there something wrong with this database?
If everything seems correct in your computer setup (see "I'm having problems", above) there may be something wrong with that database.  Check here to see if we are aware of a problem, and to report a database problem we don't know about.

Confused by the Terminology?
What are some frequently asked questions about Databases?
Our Database FAQ will answer questions such as: is there a charge to use these databases?  why should I use these databases? do I need a PIN?  how do I cite an article I find online?  and more.

How do I use OneSearch?
OneSearch will help you search multiple databases simultaneously, instead of searching each database separately, and entering the same search over and over.  A help file explains how to use OneSearch. 

Do you have any tips on how and where to search?
Just like in Google sometimes there is just too much information.  This general checklist will help you decide how to approach searching the Library databases, and give you hints on how to decide which databases to use.

What is "federated searching"?
Instead of searching each database separately, and entering the same search over and over, the Library uses a product from Webfeat.com to search multiple databases simultaneously.  This is called federated searching, or cross-database searching, and can save you a lot of time and effort.  A single search interface retrieves the results from many individual databases.

What is "native interface" mode?
Sometimes federated searching won't do the trick because the database doesn't support it, or you need to use special features in the database.  You can always search the database using the vendor's own interface, which is called the native interface.


Last Updated 17.06.2009