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March 2015

Free book talk & signing
Trevis Gleason
Chef Interrupted: Discovering Life's Second Course In Ireland With Multiple Sclerosis
Wednesday, March 4 @ 7 p.m.
Wheelock Library
3722 North 26th Street

Cheff Interrupted book coverChef Interrupted: Discovering Life's Second Course in Ireland with Multiple Sclerosis
is not a book about diagnosis or coming to grips with a "new normal." Chef Interrupted is a celebration of life and the indomitability of the human spirit, illustrating that lifelong dreams can still be realized with a bit of gritty determination, some serious planning, a positive attitude and the ability to laugh at yourself.

When Trevis Gleason, a former chef at the top of his professional culinary career, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he lost everything--his job, his marriage, even his perceived persona. Surveying the ruins of his former life, he saw an opportunity to fulfill a long-postponed dream. He would travel from Seattle, Washington, to the wilds of west Kerry, Ireland for the winter. Renting a rustic cottage in The Town, Trevis braved narrow, sheep-obstructed roads and antiquated heating systems to learn that his life, his loves (including cooking), and even his dreams weren't lost, just waiting to be rediscovered in this magical place. He acquired a charming puppy named Sadie, who grounded his days and served as a devoted companion as he surmounted inevitable physical setbacks and cultural challenges. All the while, he entertained a steady stream of visiting friends and relatives, including his former wife. The Town's colorful characters welcomed the American stranger as one of their own, and he soon found himself reveling in the beauty of the rugged countryside, the authentic joy of the holidays, the conviviality of the pubs, and the hearty flavor of the simple food. Recipes included.

April 2015

Her Aim is TrueHer Aim Is True
A film by Karen Whitehead
Saturday, April 4 @ 2 p.m.
Olympic Room, Main Library

HER AIM IS TRUE tells the incredible story of Jini Dellaccio, the first woman photographer of rock 'n' roll in its early years. Snubbing convention, Dellaccio reinvented herself in the mid 1960s as one of the most daring and innovative composers in the field, working with legendary rockers from The Sonics to Neil Young, and even capturing early performances by bands such as The Who and The Rolling Stones. For the first time in 50 years, Dellaccio shares her story and stunning archive, reuniting with musicians and rock photographers for a riveting voyage tracing the roots of her avant-garde artistry and fearless life, including previous stints playing jazz saxophone on the road with all girl jazz bands and creating jaw-dropping portfolios for fashion models. With a soundtrack and interviews that capture the vibrant music subculture behind the "Northwest Sound", the film celebrates a legacy lost and found in an enduring story about love, music, indie spirits and breaking the rules. This award-winning documentary by British filmmaker Karen Whitehead, is also executive produced by Eddie Vedder ("Pearl Jam").


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