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September 2014

Free booktalk and signing November 22, 1963 book cover
Dean Owen,
author of 
November 22, 1963: Reflections on the Life, Assassination,
and Legacy of John F. Kennedy

Tuesday, September 23 @ 7 pm.
Main Library

Dean Owen curates a fascinating collection of interviews and thought-provoking commentaries from notable men and women connected to that notorious Friday afternoon, 51 years ago, when President Kennedy was assassinated  Those who worked closely with the president, civil rights leaders, celebrities, prominent journalists, and political allies are among the nearly one hundred voices asked to share their reflections on the significance of that day and the legacy left behind by John F. Kennedy. A few of the names include:

• Tom Brokaw, a young reporter in Omaha in 1963
• Andy Rooney, veteran television and radio newscaster
• Letitia Baldrige, former Chief of Staff to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy
• Congressman John Lewis, sole survivor of the “Big Six” black leaders who met the president after the March on Washington in August of 1963
• Cliff Robertson, Academy Award–winning actor who portrayed JFK in PT 109
• Rev. Billy Graham, evangelist

With a compelling foreword from renowned author and journalist Helen Thomas, November 22, 1963 investigates not only where we were that day more than fifty years ago, but where we have come since.


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