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Handforth Gallery 
2015 Exhibitions

Voices of Sumi Art
David Berger, Fumiko Kimura, Selina Sheridan and Voski C. Sprague

August 4 through September 12, 2015
Opening reception: Saturday, August 8 @ 2 p.m.

David Berger, Fumiko Kimura, Selinda Sheridan and Voski Chakiraian-Sprague are four members of Puget Sound Sumi Artists. Sumi is the Japanese word for the black ink used in painting and calligraphy, applied by brush to paper. A traditional goal of sumi painting is not simply to reproduce the image of a subject, but to capture its essence and spirit.

These four artists are nourished by traditional values while developing for their own expressions. The artists embrace unusual techniques, and inspiration that include dreams, humor, the sensuous appeal of the ink on paper, and nature.

 Fumiko Kimura   
 Fumiko Kimura