Tacoma Public Library
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Rules of Behavior Governing the Use of Tacoma Public Library Facilities

The purpose of these rules is to ensure that patrons of Tacoma Public Library facilities have access to and use of library facilities in a quiet, orderly, peaceful and safe atmosphere, unhindered and undisturbed by the disruptive actions and behavior of others.

A complete copy of the Tacoma Public Library's Rules of Behavior is available at
any library service desk and online.

A person will be immediately expelled for committing or attempting to commit a serious felony, including assault, theft, vandalism, sexual offenses, or the use of alcohol or controlled substances.

Cellular telephone users are requested to confine calls to the Library's vestibule area only.

The Rules of Behavior of the Tacoma Public Library provide for a limited right of appeal
of decisions made by Library staff under these rules. See the full policy for details.

Last Updated 01.08.2011