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Questions to jumpstart a discussion of R. J. Palacio's Wonder

  1. Did you like the way R.J. Palacio told the story from alternating viewpoints? Why or why not?
  2. What parts of the story made you particularly sad?
  3. What parts of the story were funny or made you laugh?
  4. Which characters did you relate to? What kind of middle schooler were you? How are you now?
  5. If you have kids, did you find yourself feeling parental feelings toward Auggie -- anger toward other kids, a sadness that he couldn't be protected, etc. Which passages evoked the most parental emotions from you?(Example: when Auggie and his mom come home from meeting Jack, Julian and Charlotte before school starts, Auggie tells his mom that Julian said "What's the deal with your face?" He says, "Mom didn't say anything. When I looked up at her, I could tell she was completely shocked" (34).
  6. Which passages reminded you of your own youth?
  7. All year the students learn "Mr. Browne's Precepts" and then write their own over the summer. What did you think of these? Do you have your own?
  8. Did you think it was realistic that Amos, Miles and Henry would defend Auggie against the bullies from another school?
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More discussion questions:

Have you ever been in a situation when you were the “new kid”?  What was that like?

Can you think of any kids at your school who feel left out?  Who are teased?  Bullied?  Alone?

What are some things you could do to make life better for these kids?

Mr. Tushman speaks of the importance of being “kinder than necessary.”  What does that look like in real life?

What are some ways you could be kinder than necessary?

Do you think a kid like Auggie could ever really lead a normal life?

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